Centering Prayer Online Retreat

Soon we will be publishing a Centering Prayer Retreat Online, the introductory program, for the benefit of the community.

Centering Prayer is a practice of the Contemplative Lifestyle. If you are into contemplative prayer and living, then Centering Prayer can add power to your existing spiritual practice. This prayer practice has been alive and well in the church for thousands of years. However, it is through the instrumentality of Fr. Thomas Keating this prayer form in this name has become accessible to the public.

For long time people thought of contemplative life was only accessible to the monks and priests, nuns and dedicated people in Monasteries. To sit with God in silence was considered special privilege of those ordained to serve and not meant for the ordinary lay people. However, Fr. Thomas made it easy to learn and accessible for all people, regardless of their religious affiliation and practice it as a spiritual discipline.

Learning more about Centering Prayer will help you fine tune your practice and keep your spiritual practice fresh. We all need continuing education to help us advance in any branch of knowledge. That includes prayer as well. Knowing more about prayer will certainly help the way of praying. Pitfalls and potholes on the path can slow us down sometimes. These studies might help us become aware of those and avoid them.

We encourage everyone in any spiritual discipline to keep their spiritual journey at the forefront. Enjoy the new courses on Centering Prayer.